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Modernization of equipment of low and medium capacity

Modernization of equipment of low and medium capacity, working on a medium or high pressure cycle is performed in the following areas:

  1. For equipment К-0,15; К-0,25; К-0,4; К-0,5 applied a new circuit design, which allows to increase the production of liquid oxygen at 50 ... 60%.
  2. For equipment АК-0,6; АК-1,5 provided modernization aimed at increasing of production of gaseous oxygen under pressure.
  3. For equipment АК-1,5; КА-0,2; КА-0,45 (example of modernization КА-0.45) provided modernization, aimed at increasing the performance of liquid oxygen and nitrogen.
  4. Creation of modern system of КИПиА (instrumentation and automation) based on programmable controller.

Modernization of air separating equipment of high performance

Modernization of high performance equipment (10,000 m3/h of exhaust air), working on the low-pressure cycle, provides for a change of the technological scheme of air separation equipment.

Concepts of formation of technological scheme of air separation equipment:

  • pre-cooling process of technological air up to 8…10°С using a refrigeration equipment;
  • adsorption drying and cleaning air from moisture, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons;
  • cooling the air by heat exchange with return gas flow in plate-fin irreversible heat exchanger.

Implementation of the proposed measures will significantly change the operation of the whole plant equipment and get the following benefits:

  • exclusion from the scheme the most unreliable and high-priced units - regenerators;
  • essentially improve reliability of the equipment through eliminating cyclic shifts;
  • ensure a high level of air purification from impurities and to extend the working time campaign, increase safety of operation of all equipment;
  • significantly reduce the loss of process air and, accordingly, increase the number of products obtained by separation;
  • reduce the start-up installation.