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This Agreement is concluded and regulates the relationship between the site owner LLC Group of Companies "CRYOGENIC EQUIPMENT FACTORY" (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"), and an individual or legal entity that has accepted these terms (hereinafter referred to as the "User"), referred to separately as the "Party", and together as the "Parties".

1. The User's personal data is processed in accordance with the Federal Law "On Personal Data" No. 152-FZ.

2. When visiting and using the Company's website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") The User can inform the Company of information that is classified in accordance with the Federal Law "On Personal Data" No. 152-FZ as personal data. At the same time, the User agrees to the processing of the personal data entered by him.

3. The Company processes the User's personal data solely for the purpose of providing the User with the services posted on the Site.

4. With respect to all personal data reported to the Company by the User, the Company has the right to collect, systematize, accumulate, store, clarify, use, depersonalize, destroy and other actions in accordance with Federal Law No. 152-FZ "On Personal Data".

5. If the User provides the Company with information that is classified as personal data, the User is aware that he is fully responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by him and undertakes to provide exclusively reliable information.

6. The Company undertakes to take measures to protect the User's personal data.

7. The Company does not verify the accuracy of the personal information provided by the User and cannot assess his legal capacity. At the same time, the Company assumes that the User provides reliable personal data.

8. The Company reserves the right to prohibit the User from accessing the Site or its individual blocks.

9. The User, in accordance with Part 1 of Article 18 of the Federal Law "On Advertising", gives the Company his consent to receive advertising messages.

10. The User's interaction with the Company's Website is carried out on the basis of the "as is" principle.

11. This Agreement may be changed by the Company unilaterally at any time, without notifying the User.


Company name: LLC Group of Companies "CRYOGENIC EQUIPMENT FACTORY"

TIN: 6150098780

OGRN: 1196196028346