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«Cryogenic equipment factory» occupies a leading position among enterprises of Russian Federation in foreign trade activities in the field of cryogenic and compressor equipment.

Today the company «Cryogenic equipment factory» Today the company "cryogenic equipment," "has a huge experience in the installation of cryogenic air separation equipment and industrial equipment. Our specialists perform design and installation of equipment at many large enterprises and factories of Russia and CIS countries.

At present, our company has mastered the entire list of the product range of Joint-stock Company "Kislorodmash", Odessa (officially closed in 2012).

«Cryogenic equipment factory» has all the approvals and certifications for the manufacture of gasification and air separation equipment.

For all practice of the company there were carried out more than 300 successful projects for the supply of cryogenic technology in Russia and more than 100 projects with companies from the CIS countries. More than 50 air separation equipment installations.

Strategy of the company:

  • taking the leading position among the manufacturers of cryogenic equipment in the domestic and foreign markets
  • taking the leading position on installation and repair of cryogenic equipment
  • expanding the range of manufactured equipment
  • extension of the implementation of programs: energy savings, energy efficiency and import substitution
  • expansion of exporting and opening branches in these countries
  • increase the volume of production, including products of high added value
  • increasing complexity of services, an increasing number of projects «in full construction»
  • implementation of a comprehensive program of modernization of obsolete equipment
  • development of production for the related industries
  • cost optimization
  • creation of conditions for the disclosure of the creative potential of employees
  • increase of capitalization of the company


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