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"CRYOGENIC EQUIPMENT FACTORY" company is so-called company of full-cycle, from design to commissioning in the field of cryogenic and compressor equipment. If you needservice maintenance and repair of cryogenic equipment, then we may provide such services for you.

We produce projects in the field of production on the allocation of gas from the air, the system design of cryogenic equipment, as well as implement our projects in industry.

The Customer often needs to assess the condition of the equipment, to decide on the future scope of work. Our specialists are able to give expert evaluation, as well as hold a series of consultations for better understanding of the challenges for the modernization of production.

Design of production and writing of technical specifications for the future project also can be charged by experts of our company.

Implementation of projects, installation of cryogenic equipment at the Customer, the subsequent commissioning and service in operation - with these tasks the company "CRYOGENIC EQUIPMENT FACTORY" copes for many years.

In condition that the Customer has a project, but there are no experts for its implementation, so you can order installation and commission works in our company. After starting the equipment in the work we necessarily provide warranty service, and at the request and, if necessary - also post-warranty service.

Before starting the equipment, it is required to test individual units or the entire equipment. It is not worth saving at these stages, as well as at the stage of writing detailed instructions and creating passport equipment, because the existence of such a document is the key to the safe handling of cryogenic equipment.

Cryogenic equipment, as well as any other equipment, which works with lower temperatures and high pressure, need a stock of spare parts. On "CRYOGENIC EQUIPMENT FACTORY" stock you can always find the needed part that will be delivered to the Customer as soon as possible.

Currently, clients of our company are often bought upgrading of existing equipment. Often, it is cheaper and more profitable than building a new plant. Modernization of air separation equipment, for example, allows you to increase productivity, enhance the reliability of the installation work, as well as reduce the cost of operation and the launch of the upgraded equipment.

In cooperation with the "CRYOGENIC EQUIPMENT FACTORY" the customer receives the project working cryogenic equipment, commissioning, or all the items together. Our experts will help you accurately describe the range of tasks to improve the profitability of even small production, return your equipment performance, and provide technical support of your every initiative in the field of industrial gases.