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Our company offers a full range of design, construction and commissioning on conditions «in full construction»:

  • Design of productions of products of air separating;
  • Design of cryogenic supply systems;
  • Design of cryogenic stations;
  • Implementation of engineered plants and systems in the industry;
  • Consultation as an accredited specialized center of expertise for the technological design and manufacturing facilities;
  • Monitoring of oxygen production;
  • Warranty and post-warranty (service) services;
  • Providing the client with spare parts from the warehouse;
  • Providing technological and technical inspection of systems and installations, technical equipment inspection in order to extend the designated service life;
  • Providing maintenance and repair work;
  • Technical diagnostic of tank equipment;
  • Vacuum works;
  • Pre-installation inspection of facilities, development of proposals for new construction or renovation;
  • Providing design and survey works, design of energy facilities, development of project documentation;
  • Preparation of technical specifications for production and delivery of equipment;
  • Placing an order, control over the manufacture of the equipment, its acceptance and delivery to the construction site;
  • Installation of main and auxiliary equipment;
  • Providing commissioning and testing;
  • Development of operating instructions for the main and auxiliary equipment in accordance with current regulatory and technical documents, assistance in obtaining permits;
  • Comprehensive testing of equipment, commissioning of the object into operation;
  • Carrying out tests to confirm the performance guarantee individual equipment and installation as a whole;
  • Mode adjustment and testing.
  • Production of complex foundations, reinforcement and concreting