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Compressed air as an energy source has found wide application in all areas of industry. The actuation of the pneumatic mechanisms of machines, sandblasting, painting work, pressing, etc. - that is the part of the list of productions, where the air compressor provides invaluable assistance.

Today on the market of compression equipment are presented a large number of different models of domestic and foreign manufacturers. Our company supplies all kinds of equipment, including oil-free compressors, screw compressors, reciprocating compressors, turbocharged compressors and blowers. 

Compressor equipment is a very popular product. Large productions usually have their own compressor equipment, and most of all have a few of them. Compressors are usually combined into a single system. Small companies also sometimes have to stand before a dilemma: compression equipment to buy or for rent. Every business owner decides for itself how to answer question, based on the needs of production of compressed air or other gases.

Accept compressed air in manufacturing pure gases are used, e.g., nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. The word "pure" may not be quite appropriate to describe the composition of the gas industry, but manufacturers usually try to comply with the maximum purity of the gas and the minimum content of impurity concentrations. This is particularly important when dealing with oil mist and vapors of water and acid.

Nitrogen is used in industry in compressed and conventional forms. Industries, where it finds application generally require a high degree of purification of the gaseous medium. For the production of compressed nitrogen is best to use nitrogen oil-free type of compressor. Today, on the Russian market there are many brands, but especially popular Italian machinery.

Oxygen is no less demanded in industry than nitrogen, but it has not the same safety when using it. Working with oxygen, especially in a compressed state requires attention and careful observance of safety rules. Oxygen compressor is used in production of compressed oxygen. In some industries with large consumption of this resource is much more profitable to organize the production of oxygen stationary, rather than to deliver the finished product in gas cylinders.

Carbon dioxide is widely used in industry under normal pressure, in a compressed form and in the form of dry ice. Last one is irreplaceable in medicine, industry, trade and many other areas. For the production of dry ice and liquid carbon dioxide the compressed carbon dioxide is used. For its production carbon compressor must be used.

For many years, gas compression is done by the piston. Reciprocating compressors are also made today, but increasingly people prefer screw compressor instead. The patent for this amazing device has been issued in the first half of the twentieth century, and since then the design has only been improving.

Despite the fact that modern compressors of all types, including reciprocating and screw compressors are highly reliable, they, just as any other equipment, occasionally require maintenance and repair.

Maintenance of compressors should be entrusted to experts, because it is complicated equipment designed for high loadings. Periodic maintenance should be carried out in strict accordance with the manufacturer's operating and technical operation and safety standards. Our company produces the maintenance and repair of compressors.

In proper and regular maintenance, the repair of compressors will be made after the lapse of a long time from the date of purchase.