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1) Recovery stations for carbon dioxide from fermentation gases at distilleries and breweries.

2) Recuperation stations for carbon dioxide from waste gases of various production processes.

3) Stations for the production of carbon dioxide from flue gases and combustion products.

4) Stations for the production of carbon dioxide by direct combustion of gaseous or liquid fuels.





Individual Design is the latest addition to Chart's range of fully customized vacuum perlite insulated vertical storage vessels for the long term storage of liquid carbon dioxide or nitrous oxide.

Starting with a naked vessel of the desired capacity and pressure, customers select from an extensive list of options and features to configure a bespoke solution according to individual operational specifications.


  • Provides storage capacity from 4 000 to 67 000 litres at set pressure level of 25 bar.
  • Fine grain and low temperature carbon steel inner vessel.
  • Plumbing configuration to prevent back contamination of the storage tank and the tanker.
  • Durable coating that meets the highest environmental compliance standards.
  • Designed according to EN 13458 and in conformance with directive 2014/68/EU.
  • High performance PBU with optional eletrical heater.
  • ASME or EAC certification is available on request.
  • Complete list of all options and features available on request.


Download full description and technical data