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Today the market of cryogenic equipment is rich in a variety of high-tech devices. They are designed and manufactured for use with gases of which the air consists.

The ability to maintain a constant temperature ultra-low for a long time makes such equipment suitable for use in the food industry, agriculture, science and medicine, energy and metallurgy.

Cryogenic equipment factory produces a high-quality supply of cryogenic equipment and components from European and domestic manufacturers offering a high quality service, installation and ongoing maintenance of complex equipment, as well as replacement of parts. Here you can buy tanks for transporting liquid gases, cryogenic gasifiers, pumps, heat exchangers and other equipment.

It is well known that, the fluid density is much higher than the density of the gas under high pressure, and the gas density at standard pressure considerably inferior to the first two states of substance. People learned how to use this difference to reduce the cost of transportation of industrial gases over long distances. It is not always profitable to produce industrial gases in the place of their use, often much easier to bring into place a certain number of compressed or liquid feed. Why should it be compressed or liquid? Because in this state, the gas is ten times smaller in volume. Pipelines for the transportation of liquefied gases are expensive and unprofitable.

For ease of transportation, storage and subsequent gasification of liquid, liquefied and compressed gases, devices called "gasifiers" were invented.

Cryogenic gasifiers are divided into stationary and transportable. Today you can buy any type of gasifiers, depending on production needs. This may be gasification of nitrogen, oxygen, argon and other gases. Gasifier reservoir volume may be from 3 to 25 cubic meters.

If you are wondering where to buy gasifiers, so the manufacturing of cryogenic equipment is the most suitable place. The manufacturing plant will offer the best price without intermediaries’ charge. Our experts will offer you to select the volume of the gasifier, which your production needs. Gasification equipment must completely cover the needs of industrial gas, comply with the safety precautions and be trouble-free operation.

When saying about such complex devices like gasifiers, production of which requires a high-class production base and participation of group of experts, it becomes clear that the low cost of such devices cannot be regarded as a sign of their high quality. However, the price of the gasifier should not be too high. Our company offers models of gasifiers, in which the optimal price-quality ratio.

Maintenance of gasifiers must be done by trained professionals according to the recommendations of the manufacturer and the internal regulations of the enterprise. With timely and quality service the repair of gasifiers comes later or not at all required.