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Cryogenic Equipment Factory for several years have been making progress in the supply of air separation equipment, cryogenic equipment, compressors and spare parts for this equipment.

Due to the fact that our company has its own warehouse, the majority of spare parts are always in stock. Here you can purchase inserts H251 and H265 - a spare part of the compressor, which is constantly working in conditions of friction - slip and often other elements which are exposed to wear. Also always available ПИК valves (line individual valve) from different manufacturers, which are designed for gas and air compressors with shaft speed to 1500 rev/min and a pressure difference of up to 4 MPa (40 kgf/cm2).

Besides, we offer intermediate and terminal refrigerators that perform gas cooling function, as well as various types of electric compressors.


Spare parts 

Запасные части к компрессорам

Spare parts for compressors


Запасные части

Spare parts for cryogenic equipment